Agriculture has a lot going on, and the pace of change keeps accelerating. There’s a lot of noise out there. Keeping up with what’s going on is near impossible.

But how do we sift through the reams of information and work out what’s important? That’s where we can help. We will get the important information to you in a form you can understand.

We sent out our first newsletter on September 6th 2023, and we have provided our Club Members with valuable Farming and Ag information 6 days a week since.

Whilst we have retained our free Club Membership, we have shifted to a monthly subscription for our full newsletter. We have a 30-day free trial, and then it’s $44 a month with no lock-in contracts. Break it down, and it’s just over $1 a day. We think you will have a distinct Farming advantage by subscribing.

Here’s what some of our members have said:

It’s a tapestry of thought provoking ideas, facts and figures and always upbeat in tempo. A good way to start or end the day! Get into it! – Robina, Premer, NSW.

I’m an avid reader of many publications, and The Farmers Club newsletter is the first one I read each morning. I really enjoy the variety of information it contains. The stories are very relatable to farmers and ex-Farmers, no matter what state they live in. – Michael, Adelaide Hills, SA.

Dwain’s newsletter is interesting and thought-provoking, and it is informative to hear what other Farmers thoughts are on Farming issues. – Darren, Canowindra, NSW.

Thought-provoking on all things Farming, it evokes memories and encourages readers to participate in discussions regarding experiences and current concerns. – Marion, Wangaratta, Vic.

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About Dwain Duxson

Welcome to The Farmers Club (TFC). My name is Dwain Duxson, and I am the CEO of Farm Tender. I'd describe myself as an Agricultural enthusiast.

I grew up on a 7000 acre farm; post-school, I helped manage and worked on the family farm for 15 years.

After that my wife Paula and I left the farm and started Farm Tender, an online marketplace for farmers. We have built it up to over 72,000 members in ten years; it's a journey I've loved, and it will continue on.

But, after 54 years, I have finally worked out what I want to do: I want to write. It's crept up on me a bit as I have been doing it for some time now in different forms.

TFC is a personal crusade, a side hustle. I want to dedicate (part-time now, full-time later) the next 10, 20 or perhaps 30 years to this project.